AKB48 Sell meat girl

FlirtWithYou2019-06-07 03:04:32


Muston was the week of the text of the gossip reporter photographed her boyfriend home, which forbid love AKB is taboo, the regiment has been almost the fact that the board is a certainty.

But even then no one would have thought that she would have thrown such a bomb on the total election. Members of the people to hear the sound of such a statement after the look of a little muddy, that she was joking. Secretary will also continue to her to confirm "This is true?" "Married this thing is true?" "Is there a marriage object?", To be sure to give a positive answer.

Because the opposite sex friends and provoke the problem before the members actually have a lot. The completion of three refers to the tyrants refers to the original Li is actually the year was also because it was burst into bed was only decentralized to HKT48. Itself is also the death of the original meaning of the original Li is also in the event after the awareness of the importance of the problem, hard to play the role of today's original dynasty.

It is not the person who makes the most violent resistance to AKB's love of love. Carried out the most violent resistance is the year SKE48 ghost peach. She and the boy's bed was leaked after leaving the AKB family, then the sea shooting adult film, propaganda means a variety of tricky AKB's reputation, won the explosion of popularity, has now stood on the vertex of the AV industry. She is now the name of three on You Ya.



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